Tuesday, May 1, 2012

St. George Island State Park and St. Joseph Peninsula State Park

Once again, I am way behind on my blog.  I am more than 2 months behind.   Sorry!!  At the end of this blog is a mystery picture.  It is a hint as to where I currently am.

I stayed at St. George for one week and then went to St. Joe for the following week at the end of February.  I fell in love with these 2 state parks more than 10 years ago and I still love them.  For the most part at both parks, I spent my days walking and biking.  At St. Joe, I enjoyed a bird watching tour. 

One of many reasons I love St. George -

Very few people!! 

A cloudy day on St. George-  

A Foggy morning on St. George -

A pelican diving for dinner -

I saw a few Portugese Man-o-wars on the beach one morning-

St. George has a trail/road not to far from the campground that leads to the end of the island.  This trail is mainly sand/dirt, with a few paved spots throughout.   I really enjoyed biking this trail, except for the wind!  On one side is the ocean and the other side is the bay and in many cases you can see both at the same time.

Below is a view from the trail. 

As mentioned, I went to St. Joe after St. George.  We had some great sunsets.

Everyone came out for the sunsets -

The picture below was taken from the boardwalk that leads from the road to the beach.  One side the beach, the other side the bay -

Great white sand dunes and the fog way off shore.  Within an hour or so, the fog had rolled in and it was foggy for the rest of the day!

The Mystery shot is below.  Any idea as to where I am?  I did block out some writing that could give away where I am visiting.


  1. Have no clue where you are now, but don't wait two months to tell us!
    The beaches around Port St. Joe and Apalachicola are some of the prettiest in the state, and the least visited, which makes it really nice. Last time we were at St. Joe the racoons came up on the picnic table trying to get our sandwiches. Made us nervous!

  2. Thanks so much for these pictures Pam. These were two parks where we had reservation that we had to cancel due to David's illness. I so wanted to see them.