Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tierra Verde, FL - Fort DeSoto Park

As Dave mentioned in the comments on my last blog, Tierra Verde is near St. Petersburg, not St. Augustine.  I’ve never been to St. Augustine – who knows what I was thinking when I typed that!

Anyway, Fort DeSoto is a very nice county park (Pinellas County).  They won top beach several years back and of course have several signs saying so.  They have bike trails throughout the park and I enjoyed riding to the beach every day.

I had a great campsite.  It was large, had privacy and was on the Mullet Key Bayou.

I enjoyed birdwatching from my campsite.  There were a couple of osprey nest on a small island not far from my site.  Below are a couple of birds (Egret and Great Blue Heron) that hung out around my camp site.

While there we had a full moon and I played a bit with my camera taking pictures in the evening and night. 

On one of my bike rides, I discovered Arrowhead picnic area and a “hidden” swing.  I enjoyed several bike breaks on this swing.  While there one day, I watched this guy and his dog heading out in his inflatable kayak.

One evening, I was watching the sunset and noticed several neighbors doing the same thing.

From here, I headed to South Bay, FL.  South Bay is on the southern end of Lake Okeechobee.  While there I took several day trips.  On one of these trips, I took the following picture.  Any ideas, what it is?  I’ll let you know in my next blog.