Monday, February 21, 2011

Port Aransas, TX

This year I made 2 resolutions.  I told myself I would do a better job at keeping my blog up to date this year.  I guess that didn’t happen!!  The other was my typical one to eat better and exercise more.  (more on this below)

As mentioned in my last blog, I went to South Texas because it is supposed to be warm.  Well, we had a few nice days during my stay in Port Aransas, but we also had an ice storm.  Below is a picture of the grass on the sand dunes and a picture of my water spigot.  (I disconnected my water hose so I wouldn’t have to mess with a frozen hose).

One of my goals while in Port Aransas was to get a good picture of a Roseate Spoonbill in flight.  While biking in one birding location, I looked over to another birding site and what did I see -- a huge flock of Spoonbills.  The picture below is taken with the lens at it’s max zoom.  It’s a bit hard to tell, but those are Spoonbills.  The second picture was taken from The Birding Center where the pink Spoonbills liked to hide just out of sight from the people on the boardwalk.  Look at the bill and you can see why they are called Spoonbill.

While in Port Aransas, I did a good bit of bicycling.  One of my favorite trips was riding into town.  My campground was about 4 miles out of town, so I would ride about 5 miles on the beach and then ride around town visiting birding locations.   Below is a view from my bike at the Port Aransas Nature Preserve.

I would often stop for a break beside the channel between Port Aransas and Aransas Pass.

It was a great place to watch people, ships and quite often dolphins.  I never realized that there were so many types of ducks.  Many times at The Birding Center there would be 100’s of ducks.   The one below is a Northern Shoveler.

I’ve written about this before, but I enjoy watching the Reddish Egret do their little dance while they catch food.

The picture below was taken at The Birding Center.  I guess there are more than birds at the center.  The Alligator was about 8 feet long and as you can see not far from the boardwalk.  We were 3 – 4 feet above him. 

I can’t forget my beach shot.  After all, I am staying at a campground that is on the beach – just a short walk to the boardwalk which crosses the dunes and I’m at the beach.  Most days I would walk 3 – 7 miles on the beach. 

When I was in Georgia, I started back on Weight Watchers after I found out I could travel and go to different locations.  I have now been to meetings in 5 different locations and I’m still doing well.  I don’t go out to eat often as I do much better when I cook and know exactly what is in my food – even though I don’t cook well!!  I did meet Chuck and Carla (fellow Lazy Daze owners) for lunch one day in Corpus Christi, but I planned for that meal and did fine that week. 

I left Port Aransas on Feb. 15 and am currently in Mission, TX.  It’s definitely warmer.  As a matter of fact, today was too hot for me.  I think it got to 93, but today is supposed to be the hottest day this week.  We have had many days in the 80’s, but with lots of wind.  Once again my plans are to walk, bike, look at birds and other nature.