Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cedar Key, FL

While in Cedar Key, I didn’t actually stay on the island.  I stayed at Cedar Key RV Resort.  It had paved sites, which was great because they had a huge ant problem.  Lots of ants, not huge ants!!

While there, I visited the Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge several times.  One day I visited Shirred Island.  It was a great bird watching location.  I met a few people who were bird watching and learned a couple of new birds.   A nice beach too--

One of my favorite day trips was to Manatee Springs State Park.  There is a boardwalk that leads to the area where the Manatee’s  had been spotted recently.  The view from the boardwalk was great. 

The Manatees -

OK, I didn’t take the above picture.   Actually I did, but it is part of a sign about the manatees.

While it is a bit hard to see, there are at least 5 manatees in the picture above.  At this time, there were about 9 manatees in the area.   Many of my pictures just look like water.  Depending on the sun, waves… the view was not always that good.   Below are 3 manatees-

There were a lot of vultures at the park.  They seemed to pose for the people with cameras.

If there during warmer weather, I could have gone into Manatee Springs, but it was a bit cool for that.

From 50 – 150 million gallons of water flows from the springs each day. 

From Cedar Key, I headed to Saint George State Park.  This is one of my favorite state parks. 


  1. Pam, when were you actually at Manatee? We've been there swimming in the spring for the past week but have seen no manatee. Sorry we didn't know you were there. Our friends were staying at the Cedar Key RV resort. What a coincidence


  2. I'm about a month behind in my blog. I was at Manatee either Feb 14 or 15. I was at Cedar Key RV resort that whole week. I need to start putting actual dates on my blog as others have said that would help!