Friday, May 11, 2012

Wilmington, NC and New Bern, NC

I was in Wilmington for a couple of days in early April. 

One of the places I visited was Airlie Gardens.  Because of it being warmer than normal this year, I missed the peak time by a few weeks.

Airlie Oak dates back to 1545 -



USS North Carolina – I didn’t go to the ship, but in walking around downtown, I got this view.

I saw several mansions while walking around.  The one below is Bellamy Mansion.

My next stop was Wanchese, NC.  Wanchese is on Roanoke Island in NC.  This was my base while visiting the Outer Banks.  But before getting there, I stopped for a couple of days in New Bern, NC.  This was just  a “layover” stop.  I did some spring cleaning and relaxed a bit.

It was Easter while I was there there and campground had an easter egg hunt for the kids.  My camp site was next to where the young kids (I think under 6)  “hunted” for the eggs.

This was how the eggs were hidden!!  Basically just thrown on the grass.  It was fun watching the kids find them. 

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