Friday, May 4, 2012

Kinards, SC / Prosperity, SC

Looking at the map before heading to Hunting Island State Park, I realized I was going to go very close to the town I was born in.  So I decided to stop for the night in Kinards, SC and take a quick trip to my hometown. 

I was born in Prosperity, SC.  It’s a very small town that made the news a while back when Clinton was running for President.  The following sign (or one like it) made it to newspapers and the TV news -

Clinton one way, prosperity the other!

While there I visited the cemetery where my grandparents are buried.  My grandparents lived next door to the cemetery and I have to admit as a kid we probably played around more than we should have around the graves.   The house in the background is where my grandparents lived.

I like to joke and say that I wasn’t born in a hospital.  I was born in a clinic.  The last time I was here I noticed it was still there, but closed and in bad shape.  So I decided to get a picture to show people the run down clinic I was born in. To my surprise this is what I found --

I guess saying I was born at a Dollar General will not be quite true, but that’s the spot where I was born!  At least I think this is where the clinic used to be!  It was just a few houses down from where we lived and I would tell people that my mom walked to the clinic when I was born.

Another clue to my current location.  This one may give it away!

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  1. Just the mention of Hunting Island State Park makes me wish I was there. It is one of my favorites.

    Sounds lovely to have been born in "Prosperity". The Clinton/Prosperity sign made me laugh but then I realized we actually had a lot more prosperity and no budget deficit when he was in office than we did for the 8 years after.