Monday, September 22, 2014

Iron River, Michigan - 62

I know I am very behind in my blogging!!  Surprise, surprise!! I am currently sitting in the waiting room at the Cummins/Onan Shop in Elkhart, Indiana so I brought my PC so I would have something to do while waiting.  I’ll blog about that later!

I spent the month of August in Iron River, Michigan at the Iron River RV Park.  I have been here a few times in the past so like the last couple of months I didn’t take near as many pictures.

Most days, I walked and/or biked the Apple Blossom Trail which starts right beside the campground.  Part of the trail goes beside a mining museum that I never went to, but saw some interesting things from the path including equipment and buildings.

I also revisited several waterfalls that I have seen in previous trips.  One of my favorites is Bond Falls -

One day I visited the Black River Harbor area which has several waterfalls.  You can visit these by parking at the different trailheads and walking 1/4 to 1/2 mile to see each waterfall or you can take a trail that connects most of them.  I took the trail part of the way, which is part of the North country Scenic Trail.  I hadn’t been doing much hiking recently and really enjoyed the hike. 

Sandstone Falls (and area)-

Lots of steps going down to Sandstone falls --

I think this is Gorge Falls (or maybe Potawatomi?) -


I didn’t visit Rainbow Falls from the Rainbow Falls trailhead.  I had read that the better view was from the other side of the river, so I went to the end of the road and the trail from the Black River Harbor Park and marina heads back to the falls, I was glad I saw it from this side.

One day, I saw this interesting bug on the side of my RV. 

From Iron River, I headed to Wisconsin to visit my sister.  The first week I stayed at Brunette Island State Park and the second week, I stayed at Lake Wissota Falls State Park.  I’ll blog about that soon!