Thursday, August 16, 2018

Georgia, Winter 2017/2018

I visited my mom in November as usual and after Thanksgiving, I headed south.  I was in St. Mary’s, GA at Crooked River State Park when I received a call from my mom.  She had broken her shoulder and could not move her right arm at all.  So in less than 24 hours, I was packed up and back in Dillard where I helped her for several weeks. 

While there, we had snow in December.  Cold weather and RVing isn’t a great mix, but I managed ok.  Below are pictures from the RV park.

claton_snow1 (1024x576)clayton_snow2 (1024x576)clayton_snow3 (1024x576)clayton_snow4 (576x1024)clayton_snow6 (1024x576)clayton_snow7 (1024x576)clayton_snow10 (1024x683)clayton_snow11 (1024x768)clayton_snow16 (1024x768) (2)clayton_snow18 (1024x768)clayton_snow19 (1024x768)clayton_snow20 (1024x768)clayton_snow21 (1024x768)clayton_snow22 (1024x768)clayton_snow23 (1024x768)clayton_snow25 (1024x768)

In January, 2018 we had several days where it did not get above freezing.  I went to a local waterfall and enjoyed looking at the interesting ice sculptures.

dillard_mudcreekfalls1 (1024x768)dillard_mudcreekfalls2 (1024x768)dillard_mudcreekfalls3 (1024x768)dillard_mudcreekfalls4 (1024x768)dillard_mudcreekfalls5 (1024x768)

After mom was able to do most things on her own, I headed down south for some warmth!

Waynesville, NC part 3

More elk pictures -  I watched people get too close to the elk, but most of the time the elk got too close to the people!   I watched an elk check out a tripod and another tasted a sign.  The last picture shows an elk and a deer.  For a minute or so the elk and deer watched each other, then the deer ran off. 

waynesville_elk17 (1024x683)waynesville_elk21 (1024x683)waynesville_elk22 (1024x683)waynesville_elk24 (1024x683)waynesville_elk26 (1024x683)waynesville_elk29 (1024x683)waynesville_elk31 (1024x683)waynesville_elk34 (1024x683)waynesville_elk35 (1024x683)waynesville_elk37 (1024x683)waynesville_elk39 (1024x683)waynesville_elk40 (1024x683)waynesville_elk41 (1024x683)waynesville_elk43 (1024x683)waynesville_elk45 (1024x683)waynesville_elk47 (1024x683)waynesville_elk49 (1024x683)waynesville_elk52 (1024x683)waynesville_elk55 (1024x683)waynesville_elk58 (1024x683)

Waynesville, NC part 2.

Other views from the Blue Ridge Parkway -

waynesville_BRP__craggy_gardens_trl1 (1024x683)waynesville_BRP__craggy_gardens_trl2 (1024x683)Waynesville_brp_22 (1024x683)waynesville_brp_linville_falls (1024x683)waynesville_brp_mabry_mill (1024x683)waynesville_brp_maybe2 (1024x683)waynesville_brp_overlook1 (1024x683)waynesville_brp_overlook2 (1024x683)waynesville_brp24 (1024x683)

While in Waynesville, I walked around the lake at Lake Junaluska several times.  One time while there I saw an old Lazy Daze RV.


waynesville_lake_junaluska_lazy_daze (1024x768)waynesville_lake_junaluska_trl1 (1024x768)waynesville_lake_junaluska_trl2 (1024x768)


Most of the elk in the Great Smoky Mountains National park are in the Cataloochee Valley.  It wasn’t too far from where I stayed in Waynesville, so I went several times, especially during mating season. 

Elk pictures and Cataloochee Valley. I had a great time there so I have a lot of pictures, a few below and more in Waynesville part 3.  Several are pictures of the elk bugling.  I need to figure out how to  post a video, from what I have seen it is done thru YouTube.  If I figure it out, I will post some videos of the elk bugling. 

waynesville_elk1 (1024x683)waynesville_elk2 (1024x683)waynesville_elk3 (1024x683)waynesville_elk4 (1024x683)waynesville_elk6 (1024x768)waynesville_elk8 (1024x683)waynesville_elk13 (1024x683)waynesville_elk14 (1024x683)waynesville_elk15 (1024x683)