Monday, May 28, 2012

Amish Country, PA

My next stop was in Intercourse, PA.  I know strange name, but that’s the name of the town!  May 6 – 13 I stayed at Beacon Hill Campground, which was surrounded by farms.  This old truck was at the entrance to the campground.

I love looking at farms, this one was just across from the campground.

Depending on the wind, the manure smell could be interesting.  Actually one day I had gone somewhere and left the fans on in the RV, so that it was pulling air from the outside into the RV.  When I got back to the RV, my propane detector was going off.  I immediately opened the door and it smelled as though several cows had been living in my RV.  After a few minutes it aired out and no more alarm.  I suppose it was methane??  It really wasn’t bad, you got used to the smell very quickly.

There are a lot of covered bridges in the area.  I started a tour of about 8 of them, but the weather messed up my plans.  I only got to 3 of them before I decided it wasn’t worth driving around in a storm!

Longwood Gardens was not too far from the campground, so I decided to visit one day.  It is a beautiful garden with several fountains and lots of flowers.


They were preparing for an upcoming event – Light Nights, and were making some of the light structures.  They were using bottles of water and fiber optics to make these.

You can see the finished products at   The lights are in picture 3 of the automatic rotating pictures. 

I enjoyed driving and biking the back roads looking at the farms.

My next stop was Woodland, PA.

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  1. Pam that is too funny about your propane detector. Made me laugh - thanks!