Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mountain City, GA / Clayton, GA

The third clue to my current location is at the end of the blog.

A few weeks before my trip to Jacksonville, my mom told me that she had scheduled some minor surgery.  My original plans were to be in St. Mary’s, GA at that time and since that was fairly close to her (relatively speaking – I could have been on the other side of the country) I told her that I would stop by for a while to help her out.   As it turned out she had to postpone the surgery.

The only pictures I took the week I was there was of the bluebirds who had just returned to the campground in Mountain City.  The picture below was taken from inside my RV.

The third clue to my current location.  I don’t know if this will really help, but if you’ve been to where I visited yesterday, I’m sure you will remember this!  The next clue will be of more help.

From Clayton, I am headed to Hunting Island State park, with an overnight in a town very close to where I was born.

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