Sunday, May 27, 2012

Washington, DC–Part 3


One day I decided to spend the day walking to and around all the outdoor memorials.  This was one of my more enjoyable days in DC, and I got some good exercise – walked about 8 miles.   I started with the Washington Monument, which is still closed due to the earthquake damage from last year.  From there I headed to the Jefferson Memorial.  I stopped across the Tidal Basin to get a picture of the memorial. 

Since I had all day, I spent time reading many of the quotes around the monuments.

George Mason Memorial -

The Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial was different.  It had 3 or 4 statues of FDR, several waterfalls, the group of people waiting in line (in my DC – part 1 blog), and an odd wall that I couldn’t really figure out.

There were a lot of school kids there and they loved this particular statue.

This is just a small part of the wall in the FDR memorial, that I don’t understand.  There may have been something to explain it, but I didn’t see it.  

The Korean War Memorial is one of several memorials that I had not seen before.  I had read about the reflection of the statues in the marble wall.

The Lincoln Memorial was probably the most crowded.

It seems everywhere I go there is some type of construction going on.  This is a view from the Lincoln Memorial of the reflecting pool (no water!) and the Washington Monument.

Albert Einstein Memorial, located outside of the National Academy of Sciences.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial -

Vietnam Women’s Memorial

World War II Memorial -

Of course, I had to go to the National Zoo.   A picture of one of the Panda’s was posted in part 1 of this blog.  I got to the zoo fairly early and the panda’s were quite active.  The lions were also fairly active.

Everyone enjoyed watching the orangutan cross the O-Line  or OTS(Orangutan Transport Line).

I ended up spending almost 2 weeks in the DC area and needed every minute of it!

My next stop was Pennsylvania’s Amish Country.  I am now only a couple of weeks behind.   I am currently in Sheffield, PA in the middle of the Allegheny National Forest and will be here until just after Memorial Day.  I don’t have any TV, but have internet access and plenty of places to hike!

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