Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Charleston, SC

Yes, my clues were for Washington DC.  I was there for 2 weeks  and  left 2 days ago.  The weather was not bad while I was there (not too hot!). The crowds were bad the first week (some kids still on spring break), but the next week not too bad.  I’ll blog about this as soon as I catch up (4 or 5 more blogs)!

My next stop was Charleston, SC.  I was there at the end of March.

The first day I was there I went to Boone Hill Plantation.   Below is the view as you head into the Plantation.

The house -

The next day, I took a photo tour of Charleston.  I don’t typically do tours, but there is a lot to see in Charleston and I figured a photo tour might be interesting.  I don’t think my pictures are any better, but the leader did have a few interesting ideas. 

I liked the baskets.  They were made out of Sweetgrass by Gullah women. 

The tour leader showed us a puddle that she likes to use to take pictures.  Everyone in the tour (8 or 9 people) took pictures of this puddle.  I wondered what the folks walking by thought – those people must be crazy, taking pictures of a puddle!

She also lead us down some areas that I probably would not have found on my own.  We went down several interesting alleys.

Another example of one of her favorites, taking pictures through fences -

I ended up going back to downtown Charleston on my own a few days later.  I retraced some of the photo tour’s route and explored some on my own. 

One of my favorite places in Charleston was Magnolia Plantation.  I went there twice and took a lot of pictures.  I will post about these trips in my next blog.

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  1. Hey Pam,I like the pics. You can come up to our house since your semi-close.