Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wanchese, NC (the Outer Banks)

Now I am only a month behind in my blog!! 

During the second week in April, I decided to stay in Wanchese, NC at The Refuge on Roanoke.  It was a nice, quiet campground.  I had thought about staying at one of the National Park campgrounds on the beach in the Outer Banks, but thought with spring break still going on they might be a bit crowded and loud.  I later found out I was wrong, but I liked where I stayed.  Most of the sites (except those who lease annually) are on a small lake.  I was just a few feet from the lake, see view from RV below.

This was a view from my site one evening-

On the first day, I took a drive down the Outer Banks and was surprised how clean the roads were, even though the sand dunes were right next to the road.  When I was here 8 or 9 years ago there was sand all over the roads.

A few minutes down the road, I realized why they were so clean--

I guess these guys have a full time job just keeping the sand off the roads.  My first day on the beach is below.  Sitting on the beach watching the waves -  it’s a rough life!!

The next day, I went hiking at the Nags Head Woods Ecological Preserve. I enjoyed it so much I went back a few days later.  I’ve been doing mostly beach walks or walks on sandy trails along swamps so a hike in the woods was what I needed.  Actually this area is part of the old dune system that has been forested.   Below is a Luna Moth on the directional sign to my first hike (Sweet Gum Swamp)--

Finding this on the trail was a bit of a surprise -

One of the things that the Outer Banks is known for are the lighthouses.

Bodie Island Lighthouse and Currituck Beach Lighthouse


Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Some type of bird must have been migrating.  A couple of days, I saw thousands of birds, usually somewhat organized headed south.

I also visited Jockey’s Ridge State Park hoping to see some people hang gliding.  I saw a few from the road, but wouldn’t you know the day I decide to walk the sand dunes, I only saw one and by the time I was close enough the people were leaving. They left the hang glider, but did not come back while I was there.

Kids have so much fun at the dunes.  But I still think it is easier to walk down the dunes rather than tumble down the way this kid was.

I went to Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge twice.  I had read that there is good bird watching there, but I saw many more turtles than I did birds. 

I also drove through Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge.  I saw no alligators, but a lot more turtles.

I am still headed north up the coast.  My next stop was Virginia Beach, VA.

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  1. I really enjoy reading about your travels up the east coast. It is an area that I love. You almost always give me an idea of a place I haven't been or want to go again. PLUS it makes me feel less guilty that I am 10 days behind in my blog to know that you are a month behind and I always think "I wonder where she is right this minute."