Friday, April 17, 2015

Grayton Beach, FL

I spent the first week and a half of March at Grayton Beach State Park in the panhandle of Florida.  It is about 30 miles east of Destin, FL where I spent a little bit of time visiting their outlet shops!

Grayton Beach is a beautiful beach; the sand is white and the water is blue just like it is supposed to be! Below is what greeted me each time I stepped off the boardwalk. 


The beach was maybe 1/4 – 1/2 mile from my campsite, so most mornings I walked to the beach and then on the beach for my morning exercise.



The water was beautiful.


Several days, I took my chair to the beach with plans to read but got carried away with just looking at the sand and water.  I didn’t read too much on those days.




There is a bike/pedestrian trail that runs about 20 miles in this area thru several of the towns and villages.  In some areas it was a bit crowded and closer to the road than I like, but I enjoyed it and rode several times.   In one direction is the village of Seaside.  They are known for their Airstream Food Trucks --


Scenery from the bike trail --


The picture above was taken at a beach access point that was about 9 miles from the State Park.  I rode my bike there and then checked out the beach (I didn’t go down, I admired from the top).  Then headed back.  This part of the trail went close to some construction, some new homes and some businesses.  When I was a little more than 3 miles from the campground I had a flat tire.  I got off and saw that I had run over a nail.  I had been telling myself that I needed to learn how to change a tire, but I never have.  But in this area there are a few bike rental shops, so I thought I would push my bike to one of them.  I had passed one  of the shops about 1/2 mile before the flat but I thought there were more.  I never saw another one!!  So I ended up riding my bike almost 15 miles and pushing my bike for a bit more than 3 miles (Note, I had walked 4 miles that morning for my morning walk).  2 lessons – don’t ride your bike through construction areas and learn to change a bike tire!!

One afternoon, I walked to the beach and sat at the bench at the end of the boardwalk.  A gull decided to try to introduce himself to me as he flew very close and then walked even closer.  I am guessing he thought I would feed him.


From here, I headed to Summerdale, AL. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fort DeSoto Park (visit #2) - St. Petersburg, FL

Since I have written about Fort DeSoto several times and once this winter, I am not going to write much about my second visit to the area this winter.  This visit was in late February.  I will just post some pictures that I took with a few comments.

I love getting to North Beach, with a short walk through some woods.


Another day, same view but so foggy you can not see the water!fort_desoto2_foggy_beachA view from my bike on a foggy morning bike ride (the ocean is on the left) --fort_desoto2_foggy_bike_ride

Limpken at Celery Fields –fort_desoto2_celery_fields_limpkenGreat Blue Heron -


I would have loved the close up of the Heron below if I had not cut his/her beak off.  I was zoomed in too much when the wind was blowing and he opened is mouth and showed his tongue. I still like it, but I missed a really good shot.fort_desoto2_grtblueheron2

Marbled Godwit (I think?) -fort_desoto2_marbled_godwit

2 Great Horned Owl fledglings --fort_desoto2_owls

Tagged Oystercatcher --fort_desoto2_oystercatcher

A relaxing Skimmer.  I thought maybe it was dead at first, but I read that this is common and possibly how they relax.  Tfort_desoto2_skimmer_relaxingTri-Colored Heron – fort_desoto2_tricolor_heron

2 Wood Storks.  Note how they sit, they are basically on their knees.  See their pinkish feet in front; interesting!!fort_desoto2_wood_storks

Just in case you needed to know this !!!fort_desoto2_sign

From here, I headed up to the Panhandle.  I’ll blog about that soon.