Saturday, July 30, 2016

Mackinaw City, MI

On the way to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I stopped at Mackinaw City in the middle of June.  While there I stayed at the KOA, where I have stayed before.  I really am not a fan of the campground, but since it is next to the bike path that leads into town I stay there because it is convenient. 

I ended up going to Mackinac Island 3 times.  Two times, I rode my bike around the island 3 times (24 total miles) and just goofed around a bit.  The other time, I decided to ride up into the interior of the island.  There is a big hill that you must go up and even the locals pushed their bikes.  Once I got up I realized it was quite hilly and wore myself out since I am not good at biking hills. 

Headed up the start of the hill to the interior--


Fort Holmes, which was built by the British is one of 2 forts on the island.  It is the smaller of the 2.


A view of the lake and bike path from above --mackinaw_city_mi_viewfromabove

Heavy traffic on the main street on Mackinac Island --


The road/trail around the island -Mackinaw_city_mackinac_island_path

A sign about the seagulls at a small walkup restaurant on the island--mackinaw_city_mi_sign

It is fun to watch how things operate without vehicles.  Below they are taking a bunch of luggage to the Grand Hotel.  mackinaw_city_mi_trucks

The day I rode up the hill, I was really tired when I finally made it back down and enjoyed a nice break on the lawn of this hotel.  They have provided chairs facing the lake for guest.  But since there were plenty available I used one for a while.  I think I fell asleep for 15 – 20 minutes!!


On days I didn’t go the island I walked to the city and sat in a park for a while.  My view while relaxing in the park was the Mackinaw Bridge that connects lower Michigan to the Upper Peninsula. 


From Mackinaw City I headed to Sault St. Marie, MI. 

Traverse City, Michigan

Once again I am way behind in my blogs and I have absolutely no excuse.  I am currently in Houghton, MI and have had time to do this, but for the most part the days have been beautiful so when I have time I sit outside and read or relax.

Anyway, June 11 – 15 I stayed at Holiday Park Campground in Traverse City.  It is an expensive RV park, especially if you get a water front/view spot which I had.  But it is a nice park.

While there I went into Traverse City once and walked around a bit.  But the most fun I had while there was biking the Leelanau Trail from Traverse City to Sutton’s Bay.   The trail is 17 miles long, but I started at a trailhead that was 2-3 miles into the trail.  I ended up riding about 29 miles the 2 times I rode it. 

Shortly after starting the trail, there were several gopher toroises (I think) that were drawing attention from the bikers and walkers.





I really don’t understand the signs above, a warning sign about farm tractors and a quiet please sign!  Maybe their tractors are quiet?

From Traverse City I headed to Mackinaw City.