Monday, May 7, 2012

Hunting Island State Park, SC

I visited Hunting Island State Park in mid-March.  To get to the state park, there is a very narrow bridge that you have to cross.  In a car it’s not too bad, but in an RV it was scary.  On my way there, I made it 1/2 way with nobody coming the other way.  But then I saw a tractor trailer!  Ugh!!  I made it, but I am glad that I didn’t have to drive it every day in my RV.

While I first got there, the tide was high in the mornings.  So for my walk I didn’t have much beach to walk on.  Below is a picture at one of it’s widest points that morning.

In the afternoons at low tide, there was so much beach that you needed a break just walking to the water!  Below I am sitting on the beach and you can barely make out the people walking along the water. 

On a few mornings, I would go the other way on the beach where it was a bit different.  Trees, grass, birds…

At the State Park, they had some great trails for hikers or bikers.  I biked a few of them and had a great time (read between the lines – good scenery and very few hills!).

They have a nice boardwalk, which I biked to a few times and then went for a short walk.    One day I was there and saw some big white things hopping out of the grass.  I was trying to figure out what type of animal it was when they turned the corner and I was surprised to see the kayaks.  What I was seeing was the paddle coming above the grass.

At some point this area had some bad storms, I don’t know if it was a hurricane or bad wind.  But they have a lot of beach erosion.  On the bike ride there were several places where I saw a lot of trees down and a few destroyed cabins.    I believe the cabin below was on stilts (or whatever they are called) like the porch. 

The road with many of the cabins is closed due to the storm damage.

The campground is huge and has several camp hosts.  The host closest to me had their pets with them.  2 Dogs and a hawk.  I don’t think I have ever seen an RV’r with a hawk.

On the day I left, there was a great sunrise.

Next stop, Charleston, SC.


Below are 2 clues to my current location.  As you can tell from the various clues, I am in a location with a lot of things to do.