Sunday, November 28, 2010

Driving back from the Pacific Northwest

I went through my pictures several weeks ago and picked out the pictures below.  But I just realized that I never put them on my blog.  I turned 50 a couple of weeks ago and I think my mind is going!!

A few final pictures from the Oregon Coast -


Before leaving, I went to one of the areas in Oregon known for it’s waterfalls.  I went to the area around the Umpqua river.    While visiting, I stayed at 2 campgrounds.  One was Hi-Way Haven RV park.  This park was supposed to be just a quick stop over for me, but I ended up staying here for several days.  The interesting thing about this park is that it was originally a drive-in theater.  They still have the screen and show movies sometimes on the weekend.  You can see the screen in the picture below between my RV (on left) and another Lazy Daze on the right side of the road.

After that I went to Susan Creek Campground, where I missed some fellow Lazy Dazers by about a week. 

Lots of waterfalls in the area, below are pictures of the falls and trails -


Above is a picture of the trail to Susan Creek falls.  The waterfall was nice, but the scenery along trail with the small creek running along side was beautiful.

At the beginning of Falls Creek Falls trail, you go through these moss covered rocks.  Neat place!

Above is Toketee Falls. 

After leaving Oregon, I stopped in Twin Falls for a few days.  I visited Crater of the Moon National Monument one day.  Lots of lava and interesting Lava shapes.

The way the lava twisted in some places was interesting. This place is known for it’s lava sculptures and caves.

  Both of the cave pictures have people in them so you can get a perspective of the size.  In the first one, there is a person on the left side of the picture.  In the second one, you can see a person on the staircase leading down into the tunnel. 

While in Twin Falls, I visited Shoshone Falls.  But this is a waterfall that should be visited earlier in the year.  When I visited, it was almost dry.  In addition to the picture I took of the falls, I took a picture of a sign that shows what it looks like in the spring.

Snake River Canyon -


Coming back from Oregon, I made a side trip to Shipshewana, IN.  I visited here last year and enjoyed it.  While looking around at the Shipshewana flea market/farmers market I made a discovery.  Last October I posted a picture of something that I had found at a state park in Kentucky and I asked if anyone knew what it was.  Well they were selling them at the farmers market.  It was a Hedge Apple.  They sell them as natural insect repellants.  Below is the picture I posted last year.

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