Sunday, November 23, 2014

Wisconsin to Georgia

I’m very late in this blog, I know!! This content in this blog is from Sept 15 to Oct. 18.

I headed to Madison, WI Sept. 15.  The main reason for this stop was to get my RV washed and waxed.  I usually pay someone to do this about once a year and do it myself once a year. 

I left Madison and headed to Illini State Park in Illinois.  I was there just for a few days and had hoped to do some walking and biking.  I did bike to the Marseilles locks, which are just a short distance through the park.  It was fun watching a barge (actually 9 barges tied together) going through the locks.

Below are the 9 barges starting into the locks--

One of the barges before they started letting the water out--

I could not see too much as they 9 barges took up all of the room in the locks.  Below is a picture looking over the tops of the barges after they let out the water and just before it headed out of the locks.

From Illini State Park, I headed to Shipshewana, IN.  The main reason for stopping here was I had an appointment at the Onan repair shop in Elkhart, IN to work on my generator.  A few months before I could not get my generator to start and had about a half a tank of gas (the generator will not work with less than 1/4 tank of gas).  After filling up with gas, the generator started up so the mechanic said that it sounded like the rod that goes into the tank had broken off and would now only work with more gas in the tank.  I had to decide if that was ok or if I wanted to get it fixed.  I decided to get it fixed, so I made the appointment for September.  Once they got in there, they found it was not a broken rod, but I had an extremely dirty fuel line to the generator.  They said it may have been that I got some dirty gas that didn’t bother how the RV ran, but gummed up the generator line.  I hate when mechanics really don’t know, but the generator has worked since then!  While in Shipshewana I rode the same bike trail that I blogged about when I was there in the Spring. 

From here, I headed to Cave City, KY for a couple of days.  I did a bit of hiking on one of the trails in Mammoth Cave National Park, but didn’t go down in any of the caves since I did that not too long ago.

Then I headed to Cloudland Canyon State Park in Georgia where the SouthEast Lazy Daze group had a get together.  It’s always fun to see so many Lazy Daze RVs in one place. I think we had 12 or 13 RVs.


Every morning I walked 3 – 5 miles with some of that on the paved trail at the rim of the Canyon.  We had rain a couple of days so we saw waterfalls that don’t always run. 

From here I headed to Mountain City, GA for a week and then down to Fort Yargo State Park.  I will blog about that later.