Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Charleston, SC–part 2

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is an interesting place.  I like the house, but for me the gardens and the Swamp were better!!

Slave and workers cabins (not all original), they actually have them from various periods of time to show the differences.  I liked the tree in front of the cabins.  I can’t remember what type of tree it was.

The gardens were nice, but I missed the “peak” bloom time by a few weeks.  This garden is known for their camellias.  They introduced more than 150 types of camellias to the US in the mid to late 1800’s.  Not many were in bloom while I was there.

The best part for me was the swamp!!  I visited it twice.  Part of it is a rookery with several types of birds nesting.

Below are a bunch of pictures I took at the swamp--

Blue Heron -

Nesting Egret -

Tree with a lot of nest -  egrets, herons, anhingas… -

Alligator swimming in the swamp.  That’s Duckweed on top of the water.

The reason it’s called Duck Weed – The ducks love it!!  They eat a lot of it before migrating away for the summer. 

Little Green Heron -

Cherokee Rose -

One of many turtles -

Cousin It, nope!  It’s the back of a heron with his feather’s fluffed out.

Wild Iris, by the swamp-

I have many more pictures, but I had better stop. 

My next stop was Wilmington, SC. 


  1. Hi Pam. Nice pictures. Ed and I spent our first anniversary in Charleston in 1992. We stayed at 22 New Street. It was a carriage house B&B owned by a hand surgeon. We love Charleston!!!! Looks like you are having a great time and taking lots of photos, too!! Our big trip this year is going up to Teddy Roosevelt SP in North Dakota. We will take all of August and September and will be back for the October Fall GTG in Savannah. Have fun traveling this summer!! Jeanne

  2. Great pictures. I'm with you. Forget the people and their buildings. Give me the critters and their swamp.