Thursday, July 23, 2015

La Scie, Newfoundland–Part 1

Just a quick note before I post this.  I wrote this a week or so ago, but just now have internet access.  It’s a rainy day in Easport, Newfoundland so I am cooking and catching up on some work! I will probably post 2 today and a couple tomorrow in attempts to catch up.

Back to La Scie (pronounced La SEE  -- I think!)

I finally went through all my La Scie pictures and saved the ones that I wanted to use on my blog and I had 60 pictures.  I have been trying to cut out some of the pictures, but it is hard to do!!   I was in La Scie June 15 – 21. 

The view from my RV site was spectacular-nl_lascie_d1_my_view

nl_lascie_d1_myrvsiteMy first day there, I walked up to the lookout  (about 1/2 mile) and enjoyed the view along with some other people.  Several icebergs could be seenl

nl_lascie_d1_overlookI have always loved Creeping Dogwood or Bunchberry and there is quite a bit of it along the trail to the lookout.


The view of town as seen from the lookout is below.  In the middle of the picture behind the harbour (as it is spelled in Canada), you can see the road leading into and out of town.  It is a VERY rough road, but they were working on it.  nl_lascie_d1_town

I wanted to post a picture taken every day from the same general direction of the lookout just to show how much things change but  my pictures were all taken from a slightly different angle and just don’t show it as well as I hoped.   So instead here are 3 of the 7 shots.

Day one -


Morning of day two (note the changes to the icebergs) -


Day six


Some new icebergs, some melting and breaking of others it was interesting to watch the changes.  The large iceberg in the rear right corner stayed the entire time, but it changed quite a bit. 

Here is a closeup of it after it had broken and melted quite a bit--


The front iceberg in day 2 was fun to watch as the waves would come through the channels in the berg. 

nl_lascie_d2_lookout5dont use

I visited several fishing villages while there.  In Shoe Cove, I found an interesting building.

nl_lascie_d4_shoe_cove1aThis old house or fishing building had no way to get to it except by water. 

Other pictures from fishing villages are below.  The first picture was taken in Seal Cove and the second was in Wild Cove.


continued in part 2--

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