Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bauline East, Newfoundland–part 3

Note – If you are like me I sometimes only read the most recent post when reading blogs.  But I have not had internet access for a while so I am posting 4 blogs this morning. 

I went hiking a couple of times while there, both times on the East Coast trail.  My favorite was to La Manche (a community that was devastated by a storm and then abandoned).

About all that is left of the community is some old foundations --

nl_be_la_manche_east_coast_trailA suspension bridge is part of the east coast bridge on this part of the trail.nl_be_la_manche_ect1nl_be_lamanche_suspension_bridge1

The trail was very nice.  When it got too close to the cliff and was too steep, they built a boardwalk.  nl_be_lamanche_ect_boardwalk I turned around at Doctor’s Cove.  The view here was great. 



I have not been doing well on my diet, but I do try to stay away from fast food.  But one day I had to go,  it was the last day to get a speciality item.  A McLobster --


It was not as good as the lobster rolls I had in Maine, but for fast food it wasn’t bad.  And it was a lot cheaper.

On the boat trip where I took the pictures of the city of St. John’s we also saw Cape Spear, which is the most easterly point in North America.  (there has been dispute over this as Greenland is more eastern, but the signs at the park still say Cape Spear is)

nl_be_capespear_from_waterThe pictures below were taken from Cape Spear, which was Fort Cape Spear during World War II.  One of the batteries is below --nl_be_capespear_gun_nl_be_capespear1

On one of my Molly Bawn boat trips, I mentioned where I was staying and that I had seen them from my RV site the previous day touring around the islands. (On the island, the brown spots in the grass are the puffin burrows).  The picture below was taken from my RV site of the Molly Bawn boat in front of the puffins.


So they made sure to go a similar route, so I could get a shot of my great campsite.


A bit hard to see, but my RV is the one at the top,  closest to the water by the little pavilion. 

From Bauline East (St. John’s area), I headed to Argentia to see more birds.

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