Thursday, July 23, 2015

La Scie, Newfoundland–Part 2

Between the RV park and the Lookout, there were stairs that lead down to a small cove.  It was a beautiful place. 


The beach was one of those places you have to pull up a rock, sit down and enjoy the view.


Especially when an iceberg had come in the night before.  You can click on the picture above to see it closer, or just look at the close-up below of the iceberg that came to our beach.


While sitting there a while late one evening, the iceberg rotated giving some interesting different views, the the sun start getting lower giving it interesting color.  I did not do anything special to the camera to make these colors happen --


I liked the blue streak in the iceberg below.  This picture was taken from the lookout.  The second picture shows the same iceberg the next day.  nl_lascie_d5_blue_streaknl_lascie_d6_2Just a picture I liked from another iceberg.nl_lascie_d6_10This iceberg floated in one night and we watched it for several hours hoping it would break.  It never did while we were watching it.  nl_lascie_d6_fishing_boatBy the end of the day, it had rotated and melted and looked like this -- nl_lascie_d6_end_of_dayOne of my dreams was to get a picture of an iceberg and a whale in the same shot.  Next time I dream I will make sure I have a more specific dream.

nl_lascie_d6_iceberg_whale with circle

Above is a bad picture of an iceberg and a very bad picture of a Minke Whale (He is circled in red).  So new dream (even though I probably will not see anymore icebergs) – get a Great picture of an iceberg and whale,  preferably with the whale breaching!!  If I am going to dream I might as well dream big!!

I have been doing this blog for 6 years and this is a first for me.  A picture of me, that is not just my foot or a shadow!  My neighbor took the following picture of me, my RV and the iceberg I mentioned above --


Below is a panoramic shot of the harbor/marina, RV park (my RV is the third one of the 5 RVs), and a few icebergs.


A couple of fishing village shots (and icebergs in 2 of the 3 shots)--

P4180760 (1280x853)P4180772 (1280x853)P4180776 (1280x853)

I have many more shots I thought about posting, but I think the ones in these 2 blogs show a good representation of what I did and saw in La Scie.  From here, I headed to Twillingate.

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