Thursday, July 30, 2015

Twillingate, Newfoundland–part 2

Sorry for the delay in posting part 2.  I have been in areas where I didn’t have internet access.

Most days that I have been in Newfoundand, the high temperature has been in the 50’s , with a few in the 60’s and several in the 40’s.  While in Twillingate, we had a heat wave.  We hit 74 one June day! 

While In Twillingate, I went on an iceberg tour offered by the Iceberg Man.  It was great.  Luckily a huge beautiful iceberg had come in the previous night.

We circled the iceberg twice since it was so great.  Even the Iceberg man himself seemed to be impressed by it.  He guessed its height was 120 – 130 feet.  The boat beside it in the picture below is another tour boat. 


We watched a piece fall off and then our boat went through the field of small bergy bits.  We stopped to get an ice chest full of 10,000 year old ice! nl_twil_icebergman_10

nl_twil_icebergman_5We visited one more iceberg, and it was the same iceberg that I had seen from the French Head trail that I posted about in part one.  nl_twil_icebergman_11

I had heard a lot of good things about Fogo Island, so one day when the weather was forcast to be good I took the ferry over to the island for a day trip.  There were a couple of small hikes I wanted to do.  Unfortunately the fog rolled in and I didn’t walk much.  Below are scenes from driving around the island.



Pictures from Herring Neck Cove are below


They do have newer buildings, but I find the older ones more interesting.

Moreton’s Harbour  --


I have been very curious about  their boat ramps (or whatever they call them ). It appears in some places that they just pull the boats up onto the wooden log structures.  nl_twil_toogood_arm2

Read the sign below for a local fishmarket.  Tongues and cheeks, I had never heard of this.  But this appears to be ordinary around here.  I haven’t tried them yet and don’t think I will!  


The buildings and boats below were just a short walk from the RV park I stayed at, Peyton’s Woods RV Park. nl_twil_near_rvpark2 Another view of the same buildings --


The picture above was taken on my last day in Twillingate.  After the difficult hike on the Little Harbour Trail I decided I wanted an easy walk.  So I walked down the street from the RV park and then along some ATV and walking paths that went along the Back Harbour cove and then to a nice pebble beach.





Of course, I found a nice rock to sit on and enjoy the view --


From Twillingate I head for Bauline East, which is 35 – 40 kilometers south of St. John’s. In addition to being able to grocery shop in larger stores,  I am hoping to see whales and do a bit of hiking on the East Coast Trail.

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