Friday, July 24, 2015

Twillingate, Newfoundland part 1

I arrived in Twillingate on June 23, after driving down more rough roads.  When it is just my car it is not quite as bad, but when in the RV I wonder about all the stuff in the RV like the microwave, TV, plumbing fixtures, …  and how they will survive the potholes!

Anyway, I arrived, set up and went to the local lighthouse, which was on because it was very foggy.  I am learning they have lots of fog up here.  I went back several times because not only is the area scenic, but also known for having icebergs and whales.  A view from the area is below. 


I hiked the trail to French Head one day and liked it so much I did it again.  This trail is easy for the first mile or so, after that it gets more difficult.   Much of the trail was on a cliff beside the ocean, while a little bit of it was crossing a pebble beach.  The first day this iceberg could be seen from French Head.


The next time I went the same iceberg had changed a bit and some people that I meet were on the boat tour that was circling the iceberg, so I took a few pictures of them.


I also saw several pitcher plants.  It is the provincial flower of Newfoundland and a plant that I have always liked.  A carnivorous plant is just strange to think about.  I am always reminded of the movie (and play) Little Shop of Horrors when I see one! “Feed me, Seymour”  For those not familiar with this plant the second picture is at the base of each flower and where it “eats” insects.  nl_twil_french_head_pitcherplant3


Hopefully I will see more Pitcher Plants and get better pictures of them.

Other pictures from my 2 French Head hikes are below. 


Another hike I did was the Little Harbour Trail, it was rated 2-3 (moderate – difficult), but since it was just under 4 kilometers I thought I would be ok.  Well I finished it, but it was tough.  I later found out that the person who suggested it meant for me to only walk to Natural Arch and back, not make the entire loop. 

Newfoundland has resettled several communities and the area at the beginning of the trail was one of them.  The government pays the people to move elsewhere (in some cases people floated their homes to new locations).  There were a few empty homes around, including one that must have been a restaurant or snack bar.


I am pretty sure the above is a Snowshoe Hare.  Look at the size of those back feet!!  From Natural Arch, the trail got more difficult.  But was beautiful. It started with a climb up the cliffs and then was up and down  cliffs most of the entire trail.

nl_twil_little_harbour_trl1nl_twil_little_harbour_trl5nl_twil_little_harbour_trl7nl_twil_little_harbour_trl8dont usenl_twil_little_harbour_trl13nl_twil_little_harbour_trl12nl_twil_little_harbour_trl16nl_twil_little_harbour_trl4It was a scramble to get down to the location above, and to cross over it without getting wet. Then another climb back up!  nl_twil_little_harbour_trl2

Was I ever glad to see Jonas Cove.  I knew that it meant I was close to the end!!

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  1. Really enjoyed your photos. It's beautiful there.