Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New Brunswick, Nova Scotia --

From Maine, I headed into Canada.  I was a bit concerned about the border crossing having read a couple of horror stories (border agents going through the RV), but most people said they went through with no problem other than the wait at the border.  So I get to the border check point--


There is nobody in line!  The plan was while waiting in line to dig my passport out.  Oh well!

Speed limit –Wow that’s fast -


Ok, that’s in kilometers.  Which is about 68 mph!  I am going to have to get used to this. 

I am basically just passing through New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, but I stayed 2 nights in St. John, New Brunswick.  The plan was to find Canadian Money.  I had read several things and it seemed the best way was just to use an ATM.  So I found one and it worked.  I stayed at Rockwood Park in St. John, which is an ok RV park.  It’s just a gravel lot but in downtown St. John and has several walking trails. 

From St. John, I headed to Nova Scotia, with one stop in Glenholme, NS and then on to Little Bras D’Or (I don’t know how that is pronounced, but if it is the way I read it, I should have stayed up the road in Big Bras D’Or).

While on the road, I have been enjoying their signs.  I have to think about some of them and few I am not sure yet what they mean.


It took me a few seconds, but I realized this is slippery when freezing.

The following are not great pictures because they were taken while driving, but I had fun trying to figure these out. 












I haven’t figured out what the hand holding the pottery is, probably crafts.  But later I saw a spinning wheel, so maybe it really means there is a pottery at that exit.  On the second one, I am guessing the grapes mean a winery.  I wasn’t sure what the 5th one on that same sign meant, but I have learned that’s the sign for Parks Canada.  On the last one, I am still not sure what the key is.  I am guessing that the @ means there is internet access somewhere??  One of my favorites was a picture similar to the one with person sleeping under a roof, with an egg in an egg cup beside it.  I figured out that meant there was a Bed and Breakfast at that exit.  Who knows, but it kept me entertained while driving down the road.

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