Sunday, June 7, 2015

Cow Head, Newfoundland

I stopped in Cow Head June 2 & 3 before heading north.  To get to Cow Head, I drove through Gros Morne National Park (I’ll return in a few weeks to tour this park).  While driving through the park, I saw Moose and Caribou.

In Cow Head I stayed at Seabreeze B&B/RV park.  The view was great -

The day I arrived, I hiked the Lighthouse trail in Cow Head Peninsula. 

A view from one of the lookouts  -

Spring Beach was my favorite part of this hike --

Newfoundland has many fishing villages and is known for it’s scenic villages and houses on hills overlooking the ocean or gulf.  This was my first sighting of colorful fishing buildings.

Since I plan on returning to Gros Morne in a few weeks, I decided on my second day to head North to Port Au Choix National Historic site.  While several cultures (Eskimos and Indians) have lived here, I was more interested in the natural beauty and the lighthouse.  I ended up just hiking 2 miles as I spent a lot of time goofing around on the beach (first picture below),  looking at and admiring the scenery and checking out the plants.

I spent most of my time on the Port Richie trail.  It is basically along the coast on limestone rock that is very barren.  The rocks mark the path I hiked.

In a few places it was very boggy and they had these boardwalks placed in most of the wet areas.

Some of the plants I found interesting are below.  Both of the flowers below are very small, less than the size of my pinky fingernail.  The plant between the flower is very small also, with the larger of the reddish brown part being maybe thumb nail size.

Note - I am having Live Writer problems again so am posting through  It may be my internet though as I am using the wifi at the campground and it occasionally comes up and instead of connected says limited.


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  1. I'm wondering if you made reservations at these private parks ahead of time or if you can just show up and find a spot. We had thought we would stay at the Provincial and National Parks. Didn't know there were so many private parks. Love your flower pictures.