Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The start of my Newfoundland, Canada Trip--

I made it, I have talked about this for several years and I am finally in Newfoundland, Canada!!! I will be here until the middle of August.  I was advised by 2 people to not head over to the island of Newfoundland until July because in June it can still be cold.  But I didn’t listen and I am here.  On my first morning, it was 32 degrees (or I should say 0).  It’s going to take time to get used to Celsius instead of Fahrenheit. 

I have been in Newfoundland 2 full days and I have already seen whales, Moose and Caribou!

I caught the Ferry to Newfoundland in North Sydney, Nova Scotia.  The website says the ride is 6 – 8 hours to Port aux Basques, Newfoundland. 

In line for the ferry --


The Ferry is huge !! nl_ferry

It has 2 entrances into the ferry.  The 18-wheeler on the bridge is headed into the  deck above mine.


It’s just about my turn to drive my RV and tow car into the ferry --


From the picture above, the ferry doesn’t look so big.  But once inside there were 6 – 7 rows of trucks and cars.  So many that when it came time to get back into our vehicles I couldn’t find my RV due to all the rows of 18-wheelers that were surrounding my RV.

They really park them close.  I had to put my camera down, because my side mirror was within an inch or 2 of the truck beside me


Inside the ferry, there were very comfortable seats, a restaurant, a coffee/snack bar and gift shop.  They also have cabins, but for 6 hours I didn’t need that.   You are not allowed to stay in your vehicle or even go back down to it during the trip. 


We saw 15 – 20 whales.  They were very far away, but it was a great start to this trip.

One of my first views of Newfoundland.  You can barely make out a small lighthouse and of course, you can see there is still snow on the mountains.


Once on the road, I got a welcome (blue sign) and the small sign behind it warns of moose!nl_welcome

My first night I only drove for 30 minutes or so up to Doyles.  I stayed at the Grand Codroy RV Park for the night.  I will be back here in September to tour the area.  nl_doyles

From Doyles, I am making my way up to St. Anthony’s for the Iceberg festival making a 2 night stop in Cow Head on the way(which is where I currently am).

I’ll post in a day or 2 about my time in Cow Head.

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  1. I really love the names in Canada Brass D'Or and Cow Head. there has to be a story there. Did the crossing take 6 or 8 hours. I've heard it is very very expensive and needs to be booked a long time in advance.