Sunday, June 14, 2015

Saint Anthony, Newfoundland–Part2

I have got to post more often as I am already forgetting where some of the pictures where taken.  Some of the coves and fishing villages look so similar.  Sorry, I will try to do a better job.

On my third day in St. Anthony, I went to Wild Bight, Newfoundland and visited the  Cape Norman Lighthouse area. I liked it so much, I ended up going back a couple of times.  There were a few icebergs off in a distance, but the scenery was great.  My first trip I saw a strange looking animal there. 


I thought it looked like a fox, but I wasn’t sure.  I later found out that it is an Artic Fox who is molting.  I had read that there were several similarities between the artic and here, but I thought it was mainly plants!  I was excited to see him and actually ended up seeing 3 (on 2 different days).  They like the limestone barren rocks.  Below is the same fox.nl_sa_cape_norman_artic_fox2

A young Bald Eagle, probably about 2  years old based on it’s eyestripe and white mottling nl_sa_cape_norman_bald_eagle

The Barren Willow only grows in the Wild Bight area in the limestone barrens, nowhere else in the world!  I think I found some.  Below are a couple of shots of this interesting plant.



The mountains in the background are actually in the province of Labrador.  nl_sa_cape_norman_labrador



More Interesting Plants - nl_sa_cape_norman_plant1



I had a great time examining all the small and different plants that grow in the limestone. 

The picture below was taken in Wild Bight, I liked how it looked like the boat hit the houses.  The boat is actually a good 10 – 15 feet away from them!nl_sa_wild_bight

In my travels in Newfoundland, I have noticed a sign a few times I wanted a picture of.


I had heard the roads were rough, but in some places they are terrible.  My poor RV and Car are taking a beating!

I have seen many moose and caribou.  Below is a caribou feeding beside the road.


My Cheat Sheet --


Thrombolites – some of our most primitive life forms.  Read the information sign if interested in it’s geology.  They actually looked like they were made of concrete.  These are in Flower Cove, NL.  The only other place in the world where they are found is in Australia.  nl_sa_flowers_cove



An iceberg picture to hold you over until I post Saint Anthony, part 3.nl_sa_iceberg3

Some interesting fishing shacks, coves and scenery -- nl_sa_fishing_shack




Before I finish this post up, I wanted to answer some questions that Sherry asked.  So far I have stayed at private  parks while in Newfoundland and I do have reservations at most places.  I originally intended on staying at provincial and national parks, but changed my mind after doing some research.  Mainly because I like my amenities!!  A lot of people travel here without reservations, and during June I don’t think it would be a problem.  In July and August, I think you might need reservations at least in the popular places.  I like the freedom of not having reservations, but quite often I just like knowing where I will be and not having to worry if a campground is full.  I do have a few days (such as today) where I don’t have reservations, but have an idea where I will stay and those places are more of stop overs and not really destinations. 

So far the weather has been cold.  I have worn more long pants this year than I think the entire time I have been full-timing!  But I knew this and came prepared!. 

Speaking of the time I have been full-timing, I just passed my 6 year anniversary of living in my RV.  Time flies when you are having fun!!!!!


  1. Pam, what's going on with the boat? Did it run aground?
    Jim Summers

  2. Jim -I don't really know. I have seen several like that so far. Maybe they are working on it, maybe a storm blew it up there??They do seem to keep their old stuff-boats, sheds... maybe for parts? Pam