Thursday, May 28, 2015

Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park - part 2

Note - this is my second post of the day and I am still using Blogger instead of Windows Live Writer.

While in Bar Harbor, I went for a bike ride on some of the carriage roads that John D. Rockefeller Jr started in 1913.  These roads are about 10 feet wide, but only walkers/runners, bikers and horses (with or without carriages) are allowed on these roads.  They are hillier than I am used to since most of my bike rides are on rail trails.  I ended up riding about 8 miles, with most of that on a trail that goes around Witch Hole Pond (which is supposed to be the easiest trail) and a short part of the Eagle Lake trail.  I had hoped to ride more, but the hills were tougher than I thought.  The following day, I could feel it! Below are pictures of the carriage road trails and views from them.
 I am guessing that the picture below is why it is called Witch Hole Pond?? Dead trees??

 One of many interesting bridges on the carriage trails--
Another trail I hiked was Valley Trail (which was at the same area as Beech Cliffs that I wrote about in part 1).  When I talked with a ranger, he would not tell me why he thought I should hike it.  He just wrote "WOW" on the map he was writing on for me.  I loved it!
 You can see the high rock cliffs in the background of the picture below.

That may be too many rocks ,ferns and moss for some of you but I loved it and could not decide which pictures to post.  Believe me, I have many more!!

One day, I drove up Cadillac Mountain and walked around up top for a while. 

I also visited Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, where if the sign is correct a Coast Guard Family still lives in it. It was hard to get a decent picture of it.  You can see the red light in the lighthouse, it was foggy that day, so I waited for the light to come on to take the picture 

From Bar Harbor, I headed into Canada where I am sitting in my RV because it is extremely foggy in St. John, New Brunswick.  So foggy that I got a bit wet just walking outside for a couple of minutes. 


  1. Loved the carriage roads. We were in Bar Harbor for 6 weeks our last visit and biked to and through all the beautiful bridges. Wonderful pictures of your hike. I love mosses and lichens and take pictures of them all the time.

  2. Sherry, while in Bar Harbor they had a bit of warm weather (for late May). A few days the high was mid 70's. Most days it was in the 60's. The week before in Freeport was colder one night we hit freezing.