Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Corner Brook, Newfoundland–part 1

My next to the last stop in Newfoundland was in Corner Brook.  I stayed at Kinsmen Prince Edward Park in August 10 – 14. 

While there I took several day trips.  During one of these trips, I went to Blow Me Down Provincial Park.  I enjoyed eating lunch by the coast.


While there I noticed something interesting, stairs in the cliff.  I later learned these were called Governor’s stairs.  I hadn’t planned on going up the cliff to the overlook because my knee was bothering me.  But I had to check it out.nl_corner_brook_blowmedown_pp2

It was interesting and when I got to the top of the stairs I decided to keep going up to the lookout.  Unfortunately my camera battery died and I had not brought my backpack, which had my spare.nl_corner_brook_blowmedown_pp3

Not far from Blow Me Down Provincial Park, I did some hiking in Lark Harbor.  I started on the Bottle Cove Hiking Trail and joined one of the other trails in the area for a while.  Bottle Cove Trail starts on a boardwalk in the cove and then goes up a small cliff.  




Where I thought the trail ended, I realized that it just got a bit more primitive and went on and finally meet up with another trail.nl_corner_brook_bottlecove4


After carefully walking around the rock on the cliff above and up and around a few more scary places. I came to an intersection and saw an easier way to get to this part of the trail.  On the way back I took the easy way!nl_corner_brook_bottlecove6

Since I like rocks and water so much I really enjoyed this coastal trail.nl_corner_brook_bottlecove7


I spotted this Indian pipe which is not a flower, but a fungus close to the end of the trail. 

While it was a bit out of the way, I wanted to go back to the Port au Port peninsula to go on a hike I had heard about.  I will post pics about 2 hikes I took that day on my next blog , but wanted to post a couple of pictures here.  The scenery along the peninsula was great – small towns, cliffs, mountains….

IMG_1480 (1024x768)IMG_1570 (1024x768)The picture above was in a quarry or something similar.  The red truck has wheels that 6 – 8 feet tall.  They are changing the huge tire and have to use a crane on the white truck to do this.  I had seen these huge trucks before, but never thought about how they change the tires.  Just one of those weird things I found interesting!

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