Sunday, September 13, 2015

Cowhead, Newfoundland–part 2

I stayed at the Seabreeze B&B and RV park while in Cowhead.  The location is great, it is on a bay and about 1/2 mile down the street is the Cowhead Lighthouse trail.  I hiked the trail when I was here in early June, but since it is a nice hike I did it again.  Once again, I really enjoyed the scenic Spring Beach which is a side trail from the lighthouse trail. This time I scrambled over the rocks and went further down the beach than before.



Below is a shot of me taking a rest after a nice morning walk.  What a way to start the day!nl_cowhead_morning_walk

Several mornings it was foggy, but this particular morning it was eerily foggy.  The next 2 pictures were taken from across the road from my RV.  nl_cowhead_rvpark


Another interesting morning shot - nl_cowhead_rvpark3

One day, I went back to Port Aux Choix National Historic Site.  I was here in early June, but I  didn’t hike as much as I wanted to.  So, I started with the Dorset Trail.  It was a great trail, it went over limestone barrens, over boggy areas, through the forest and then down to the ocean and then back!





One of the signs mentioned to look for fossils, I saw several including the one below --nl_cowhead_dorset_trail_fossil

Once again, the plants in the limestone barrens intrigue me – Tiny little white flowers on this very interesting little plant.nl_cowhead_dorset_trail_port_au_choix2




While hiking, I saw several caribou.  In the picture below you can see one on the trail and several on the hill in the background.  The one on the trail led me down the trail (as I like to think) before he got tired of me following and left the trail.  nl_cowhead_dorset_trail5




This is a historical park because the Dorset Paleo-eskimos lived here from 2100 to 1200 years ago.  They were people who occupied artic Canada and Greenland and extended their range to Northern Newfoundland.  They were seal hunters and below is a wire sculpture just outside of the Philips Garden area which is where the remains of  2 large settlements have been found and explored. 

P4280336 (1024x683)


I figured this was a great place to stop, relax and have a snack!nl_cowhead_dorset_trail12

This plant was not on the trail, but near the lighthouse (which I blogged about on my June visit). 


After a couple of hikes, I was ready for lunch.  I had already decided that I would go back to the same restaurant I went to earlier and get some more shrimp.  Shrimp is a big business in this area and a large shrimp plant is just across the street from The Anchor Café.  I had a salad with shrimp and house dressing – so good!!!

20150802_133912[1] (1024x576)

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  1. Here I am swooning again. No wonder you wanted to hike that great trail again. I love the foggy mornings on the coast much better than in the mountains. Follwing a caribou, now that’s amazing and so are his horns. I clicked the picture so I could see them clearly and they were fantastic. I always wonder how they and moose carry those things around on their heads and I assume don’t even have a sore neck. Boy the shrimp doesn’t get much fresher than that. What a great day and yes of course the other twin is for you. But I’d rather be there with you than here actually.