Saturday, September 12, 2015

Cowhead, Newfoundland–part 1

In early August, I made my way back to Cowhead.  I had stopped here for a couple of days in June on  my way up to St Anthony’s, but now I had time to do more exploring.  Cowhead is just to the north of Gros Morne National Park, so many of my activities are in the northern part of that park. 

The S.S. Ethie was shipwrecked in December of 1919 and is in an area that I enjoyed!  I enjoyed it so much that I visited twice that’s why in some pictures it is overcast and cloudy and others it is a nice sunny day.






I enjoyed the rocks more than the wreckage.  The rock below was very interesting, it was green, with beige and rust colored stripes.  It was about 1.5 feet long otherwise it might have made it’s way into my pocket!  I know it’s a national park and you are not supposed to take anything, luckily it was too big for me to carry!!nl_cowhead_ssethie_4




I did a bit of tide pooling and came across something I had not noticed before.  At first it looked like some type of plant, but then I realized it seems to be growing out of snail shells.  I saw quite a few of them and would like to find out what it is.  nl_cowhead_ssethie_d2_2




I went on a geology walk/talk at Green Point in Gros Morne.  This area is a very well known geological area as the rocks here have folded, so as you walk in front of the cliffs you go back in time.  These cliffs date back from about 492 – 546 million years ago. 

To get to the fossils we had to climb over some sharp rocks, but it was well worth it. nl_cowhead_gros_morne_greenpoint2nl_cowhead_gros_morne_greenpoint3nl_cowhead_gros_morne_greenpoint4nl_cowhead_gros_morne_greenpoint6nl_cowhead_gros_morne_greenpoint5nl_cowhead_gros_morne_greenpoint7nl_cowhead_gros_morne_greenpoint8When leaving, I found this rock (about a foot long) and thought this was some type of fossil.  The ranger (or naturalist) said no, it was made when the rock was formed.  I thought he called it a limestone burst, but I can’t find that on the internet so I may be mistaken.  Interesting anyway!nl_cowhead_gros_morne_greenpoint9

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