Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Cowhead, Newfoundland–part 3

One day, I hiked the Western Pond Trail to the pond and went on a boat tour.  It is a bit different from most boat trips as you had to hike 2.7 km to get to the boat dock.  But it was a nice hike.   


I had heard about a wild fruit called a Bake-Apple that is found in Newfoundland and below is my first view of one.nl_cowhead_gros_morne_westernbrookpond_4bakeapple

Below is a Fox Sparrow (I think) - nl_cowhead_gros_morne_westernbrookpond1

More interesting flowers and plants --nl_cowhead_gros_morne_westernbrookpond6



A view of where I am headed --nl_cowhead_gros_morne_westernbrookpond2


The Western Brook Pond was at one time a fjord.  But on this ever-changing earth it is now considered a pond because there is some land that now blocks it from the ocean and it is now fresh water.  It is surrounded by steep rock cliffs (some 2000 feet high) and was carved by glaciers a long time ago.nl_cowhead_gros_morne_westernbrookpond8







Many people consider the Western Pond Trail and boat trip the highlight to their Newfoundland trip.  While I enjoyed it, it was not as exciting as I had thought it would be. Maybe just too much hype about it made me think it would be so much more.  A very crowded boat did not help much either!

From Cowhead, I headed South to Boone Bay, which is on the southern side of Gros Morne National Park.

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  1. You sure are spending a lot of time up there. Some beautiful things you are seeing too. I enjoy your reports. Are you still there?