Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio

I arrived at Hocking Hills State Park on May 4 and stayed at their campground for 10 days.  If you go, be aware that if you look on their website and a site says it is level, that may not be true.  Most of the sites are off level.  I had to use 3 – 6 leveling blocks on 3 tires to level my RV on a “level” site.

Hocking Hills has several areas to the park and they are not all together.  Old Man’s Cave is the area closest to the campground and I went there 4 or 5 times.  You can drive to all of the areas and go on a short hike to see the main attractions (1 mile or less in most cases, even though some have longer routes).  One day I hiked Old Man’s Cave to Cedar falls and enjoyed the 6 mile round trip hike. 

The pictures below will be from all the areas except Old Man’s cave.  I have too many for one blog, so I’ll post those tomorrow.

Ash Cave is not a true cave in the park, just a very large rock overhang.   To get an idea as to the size of this overhang, if you look through the waterfall there are some people standing on the ground.   

Another area is Cantwell Cliffs.  After the 2 pictures below it was just another hike in the woods.  It was ok, but with so much other beauty around it was not one of my favorites.  

Conkles Hollow starts off with a paved trail, but the best part was after the paved trail ends.  I also found it interesting that just after starting the trail there was a sign that said “You are leaving Hocking Hills State Park and entering Conkle Hollow State Preserve”.  I don’t really understand why everything list Conkle Hollow as part of Hocking Hills, but I guess that really doesn’t matter.

The Rock House is the only true cave in the park.  I really enjoyed this area.  I found the colors and the cracks or windows in the rocks very interesting.   Some of the pictures below are dark, you may need to move your screen around to get a good view of the picture. 

Below is the trail just before the cave entrance.

Tomorrow I will post my pictures from Old Man’s cave.

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  1. We accidentally happened upon Hocking Hills. What a great surprise to find such interesting trails.