Saturday, June 14, 2014

Shreve, OH

I stayed at Whispering Hills RV park in Shreve, OH May 14 – 27.  When I first got there, there were only a few seasonal people there.  Within a few hours of getting there, we had a tornado warning and I ended up spending 15 minutes or so in a room with several workers.  It hailed quite a bit and we had a lot of wind, but no tornado!

I was surprised when I looked out my window and saw a strange animal in the field next door.  It was a llama--

It’s a bit hard to see in the picture, but the llama has 2 colored eyes.  One is brown and the other blue with a lot of white.  I talked to the owner for a while and he told me that they started getting llamas to protect their goats, kind of like a watch dog.  They no longer have goats, but still have 2 llamas.

The largest population of Amish in this country are in this area and I visited a few of their businesses.  At a nearby town, I took a picture of part of the Walmart parking lot--

This Walmart was right next to the Holmes County Trail, which is a rails to trails path.  This was the first rails to trail that has a dual purpose, they allow the Amish buggies on the path.  One side is for the buggies and one side for bikes and walkers/runners.  If you bike this be warned the sides switch occasionally, so watch the signs!!

I walked 4 miles one day and rode my bike many times on this trail.  I rode 10 – 24 miles depending on how much time I had and the weather. 

There were doing a lot of work at the campground and one day I looked up and saw a cabin being moved by 2 forklifts--

At the campground in a shrub outside the restrooms, I saw a nest with eggs in it.  After finally spotting the bird, I believe it was a sparrow.

A few days later, we had babies. Below they are less than 24 hours old--


Less than 2 days --

About 5 days (they change quickly)--

Unfortunately the day before I left I found the nest at an angle and it was empty.   Something had gotten to it and I am guessing eaten the babies.  I wish it would have happened a day later because I would have never known they did not make it!

I visited the Columbus zoo, which I had heard is one of the top zoos in the country.  It is nice, but I like the National zoo and San Diego zoo better.  I did find the Lorikeet aviary interesting.

They let people feed the parrots and while I was there this man was enjoying feeding them--

Another aviary had birds from I think Africa--

The white faced one is a Blue-Bellied Roller, the other one is a Racquet-tailed Roller.  There were animals other than birds, but I didn’t take many pictures.

From here, I headed to Maumee Bay State Park on Lake Erie. 

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