Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio–part 2 Old Man’s Cave - 34

As I mentioned yesterday I visited Old Man’s Cave several times.  One of the trips, I hiked from Old Man’s Cave to Cedar Falls.  I really enjoyed this hike.  It had a few moderate sections, but for the most part was easy. 

From my first view of Old Man’s Cave trail, I knew this was an area that I would like.  Below is a picture taken as I headed down into the gorge.

Below was taken looking back up the same area--

Old Man’s Cave is actually a rock overhang that a man lived in many years ago.  The picture below was taken from one side of the creek looking at the overhang.  

The bridges in the area were interesting.  Some were just concrete with metal rails, while others were …

Nice rock bridges--

And then there was this one --

On top is a wooden bridge that is part of the rim trail.  Below is a concrete bridge that was almost a work of art.  Each concrete platform was on a stand alone “leg”.  Each of these was independent and did not attach to the other, there was maybe a half inch between each section.  I found it unique, maybe there was a reason for this design I don’t know. 

Just scenery --

There are several waterfalls in this area, below is Lower Falls.

Upper Falls --

There are a couple of tunnels in this area.  Below is leading down to one of the tunnels --

And a shot from inside the tunnel-

As I mentioned I hiked from Old Man’s Cave to Cedar Falls.  The trail is one that I strongly recommend.  A good bit of the trail was fairly level and beside the creek.  After 3 miles I got to Cedar Falls, took a break and enjoyed the waterfall, then headed back. 

But there were some places where you hiked away from the water and down thru the rocks and under overhangs.

The large boulder above had at least 6 trees growing on it.  The tangled roots made it a bit different. 

I had seen several really cool pictures of the area with fog and one morning I thought I would see if I could take some neat fog photos.  Mine don’t look near as good as those I have seen.


From Hocking Hills, I headed to Shreve, Ohio.  I’ll post that blog in a couple of days. 

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