Saturday, June 21, 2014

Manistee, MI - 41

I stayed at Little River Casino RV Park in Manistee, MI June 8 - 14.  I originally picked this spot because it was centrally located to several places that I wanted to visit on the west side of Michigan.  I ended up not doing everything I thought I would because I found 2 trails that I enjoyed and did them both a couple of times.  While it is a nice park, I doubt that I would stay there again as it is normally too expensive.  But they made a mistake when I made my reservation and quoted me a very low price.  I didn’t think too much about it because I was staying a week and some casinos are lower in price.  The park did stand by the rate that I was originally quoted.  I paid $15.00 per night for a spot that typically cost $36.00 a night during the week and $40.00 + on the weekend.  

As you may have noticed I have been biking more than I used to.  I have really enjoyed visiting the different trails and the rails to trails paths are typically not too hilly so I really like that! While in Manistee, I biked the Betsie Valley trail from Frankfort, MI.  The first 6 miles of that trail is paved and then it is dirt.   People are not the only ones who like this trail!!

a close up --

The trail crossed a small marshy lake--

Just past the paved section is Crystal Lake.  On one of the trips I went about 50 feet on the unpaved section and stopped and enjoyed the view below before turning around and heading back.  On my second trip, I rode an additional 2 miles (4 miles round trip) on the dirt path which was very close to the shore of beautiful Crystal Lake.

After putting my bike back in the car (I now carry my bike inside my CRV), I took the scenic route back to the RV park.  In doing so I saw several swans and then noticed the one below sitting on it’s nest.  Of course on the day I decided to stop and take a picture the swan was facing away from the camera!

The view from my lunch spot one day after riding for a while --

I also visited Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore a couple of times.  They now have a bike trail and had just opened an additional part of the trail. 

They were doing some work on the trail, so yes those are carts on the trail.  But they typically don’t allow motorized vehicles. 

I did take the scenic drive while there and stopped  for a few short walks.   I did not walk down this dune!!

A few times when I got back home early enough, I went into town and walked the Manistee Riverwalk.   Below is the Manistee lighthouse on a foggy day, which is close the the end of the riverwalk.

The river walk was a nice 3.0 mile round trip walk. 

From Manistee, I headed up to Mackinaw City.  Can you believe this, I am actually caught up with my blog!!!!!!!  I leave Mackinaw City tomorrow for the Upper Peninsula. 

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  1. Jim & Gayle posted the following comment, but I deleted it from blogger instead of publishing it!--Wish we could carry our bikes inside the Subaru but we tried and there is no way. Did you start carrying yours inside after ours got stolen?? 

    I bought a new bike last year while in Colorado and have been carrying it in my car since then. I was glad I did when I saw earlier this year yours were stolen.