Thursday, October 20, 2011

Petoskey, Michigan

After leaving the Upper Peninsula, I went to Petoskey State Park in Petoskey, MI.  This area is known for the Petoskey Stone. This is a fossil of a coral that lived 350 million years ago.  I found a few small ones.  Below is a picture of 4 small Petoskey Stones, 2 Horn corals and one rock with some type of coral fossil.

There is a great bike path that goes through Petoskey.  One day I went on a 22 mile ride and on another a 16 mile ride.  For part of the trip, it is right beside Lake Michigan and goes past the marina. 



An interesting sign along the bike trail close to Harbor Springs -

I’ve seen signs saying caution low planes, but never – Caution Jet Plane.  The bike trail went right beside the end of the runway.  I would hate to be on the path when a jet landed or took off!!

While in Wisconsin and Michigan, I have been intrigued by the black squirrels.  I saw them for the first time years ago, but they still amaze me.  They are fairly common in this area, but I am used to the gray squirrel.  I never got a good picture of one, but they look just like a gray squirrel, but are solid black. ( Wikipedia Black squirrel info)

One day, I drove to Charlevoix.  One of the reasons was to look at some homes.  I had read about the “mushroom” homes and I was curious about them.  Earl Young designed and built these homes starting in 1918.  These homes have become a tourist attraction in the area.  The first one I saw is called Half House.  I expected to see a hobbit or munchkin come out the door.  Some people call these “Fairy Tale” homes.

Mushroom house is below.  I read that some of the walls inside the house are 3 feet thick! 

Another of the homes was built with huge boulders.  I really liked this home. While it didn’t have a wavy roof like the others, I loved the use of the huge rocks.

Front view -


Rear View – (note the view of Lake Michigan)


This home is for sale, so if anyone has 1.25 million they want to give me I would gladly let you visit when you are in town!!!

On the way out of Charlevoix, I saw this -

At first I thought it was a building, but then I realized it was the Draw Bridge that was raised.  According to the locals, I was “bridged” (had to wait on the bridge).

Every morning I would walk in the park about 3.5 miles. A couple of mornings it was cool and there was dew on the plants on this sand dune. 


When driving or biking through Petoskey, I would pass the Bay View Association.  This area is a National Historic Landmark and is associated with the United Methodist Church.  Apparently in the late 1800’s this was started as a “camp meeting”. (Info on Bay View) All of the homes are Victorian and I enjoyed driving/riding around the area.  One of my favorites was this green home on a hill off the main street.

Some homes were small, some big, some white, some a bit more colorful -


Some sunset pictures taken from the beach, just a few sites down from my campsite.


Next I head to Lake Leelanlu, Mi, which is just North of Traverse City. 

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