Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Grand Marais, MI

As mentioned in a previous blog, I visited Grand Marais while staying in Munising and liked the area.  So I decided to go back for a few days.  I stayed at Woodland Park, which is right on Lake Superior.  This beach is known for it’s rocks – especially agates.  I found plenty of interesting rocks, but no agates! 

Another busy day!!!  Sitting at the beach, looking for rocks!  - Note the tan-line.  The “Z” comes from my Chaco Sandals, which I wear a lot!   Just up the beach from the campground is a huge white sand beach. 

An interesting RV pulled into the campground the day before I left.  I have never seen anything like this--


Just up the beach was Sable Dunes and Sable Waterfall (pictures posted in my Munising – part 1 Blog).   The hike to the waterfall from the campground was nice, since part of it was on the beach and part in the woods. 

While in Grand Marais,  I went on another hike in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.  This time to White Pine Trail.  I enjoyed the hike and the destination was one of the prettiest beaches that I have seen. 

Beautiful white sand, with rocks (and shade) on one end of the beach. 

I also did the short hike to Au Sable Lighthouse.  While walking around the lighthouse and buildings, I meet a couple that had lived very close to where I grew up.  Small World!!


On the hike, there were several side trips to the lake.  There have been several shipwrecks in this area. 


One of the big reasons for the wrecks is the rocks that go for quite a distance from the shore. 

The campground is a very short distance from the town.  I rode my bike to town, around town and to the Coast Guard Station several times.  It was less than 10 miles to do all of that.  On the ride I passed an interesting Winnebago. 

This was my last stop in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  So one last picture of the rocks at the beach!

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  1. Great photos. I'd love to have some of those beach rocks.