Saturday, October 8, 2011

Munising, MI–Part 1

My next stop in the Upper Peninsula was Munising, Michigan.  This area is home to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.  I have been here before, but just for a quick day or 2 stop.  This time I stayed for a week at the Munising Tourist Park which is on Lake Michigan.  Below is a picture taken at the campground of a dog enjoying a day at the beach!


I took a lot of pictures while here, so I will have to break this into multiple blogs.   While in Munising, I took a cruise, went on many hikes and enjoyed several beaches. 

I visited Miners Castle several times during my stay.  When I saw this years ago, it had one additional “turret”, but it fell off several years ago.



The color of the water is an amazing blue and so clear you can see the many rocks below the water. 

Below is a shot of Miner’s Castle taken in the morning -


A close up view of Miner’s Castle and Grand island in the distance -

I visited several waterfalls in the area.  The first is Miner’s Castle Falls.

mun_pr_miners_castle_fallsSable Falls is another waterfall I visited.  I actually visited this one twice.  On this trip, I found I really liked the town of Grand Marais (about an hour drive east of Munising), so a week later I ended up camping in Grand Marais and about a mile down the beach from my campground was a short trail that went to this same falls.  I’ll blog about the Grand Marais trip later. 


Wagner Falls -


Grand Sable Dunes is an area between Grand Marais and Munising.  I did a bit of hiking around the dunes. 

I saw a strange looking berry and found out that it was a Wild Dune Cherry.  I was told you could eat them, so I tried one.  At first I thought they were great, but within a second it turned extremely bitter. 

A road sign that I never saw in Georgia!!

My next blog will be pictures that I took on my cruise.

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  1. The color of the water is awesome. Nice photos.