Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Curtis, MI

My next stop was Curtis, MI.  I stayed at Log Cabin Resort and campground on Manistique Lake.   When staying at campgrounds you never know what type of laundry room they may have (if they have one).  Some are like mini laundromats, while others just have a few machines in a small room.  Sometimes the machines are a bit old, sometimes new.  In this case, the machine is a Maytag, but was a bit old - 

Looking on-line, it appears that this is a 1940’s wringer washer.  Ok, I admit this was actually just outside the laundry room!!

My main reason for coming here was I wanted to visit Seney National Wildlife Refuge.  While I finally saw some Loons a few weeks ago, I wanted to see and hear more.  I visited Seney NWR 4 times during the week I was in Curtis and saw Loons each trip.  I also saw Trumpeter Swans, Sandhill Cranes, an eagles nest and other wildlife.

Seney in the morning -


Loon -

Trumpeter Swans -

Swans and Loon -

On an early morning visit to the wildlife refuge, many spider webs were dew covered. 

An American Bittern (I think!) -


I took a day trip up to Tahquamenon Falls state park (rhymes with phenomenon). 

Tahquamenon Falls -

While in Curtis, I drove back up to Picture Rocks and hiked the same part of Lakeshore Trail. 

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  1. I do remember how wringer washer and put rubber diapers through that wringer diapers and explodes and I ruined a couple of shirts
    Did you ever get anything caught in a wringer?or ruined a couple of shirts?