Friday, August 5, 2011

Porcupine Mountain Wilderness State Park–part 1

Once again, I am behind in my blogging.  Since getting my smart phone, I don’t sign on my PC very much.  I have actually gone more than a week without turning my PC on. 

Before my stay in Porcupine Mtn. State Park (known as the Porkies) I had a reservation in Ontonagon for a few days.  But while there the heat started again.  It was supposed to get to the low 90’s and I was headed to a place with no hookups.  Well, I guess I am a bit spoiled so I decided to stay in Ontonagon where I had electricity and air conditioning!! It was only a 20 minute drive to one side of the Porkies, but about an hour to the side I really liked.

Once again I took so many pictures I am going to post this in 2 blogs.  The first will focus on the western side of the park, around Presque Isle Scenic Area.  This is the side of the park that I was supposed to camp in. 

Probably my favorite hike in the area was the loop around the Presque Isle River.  I hiked it the first day I got into Ontonagon and about half way around it started thundering and raining.  Luckily I was prepared and had my rain jacket.  At least it wasn’t too many other people on the trail.  A few days later, I hiked this trail again with no rain and a few more people!

I walked out to the lake (Lake Superior) before heading back down the trail.  There were a lot of flies around, otherwise I would spent some time looking at the rocks.

Back to the trail -

Notice the circles in the picture above, the water swirled around in them to create the circles.  Nature’s Whirl Pools!!

I loved this area, you could walk all around the rocks and up to some of the small falls.  I predict on nice weather days, this is a very popular area. I also like how the rocks are layered.

There are several major waterfalls on this trail.  The one below is Manido falls. 

Manabezho Falls -

On the way back from this area, I saw this sign.  I thought it was a bit obvious that you had to turn, but I guess “they” thought somebody might try to keep going straight – right into Lake Superior!

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