Friday, August 19, 2011

Baraga, Michigan

As I mentioned in my previous blog, my next stop was Baraga.  This was originally just supposed to be a quick stop at a place with full hook-ups ($20.00 for Full Hook-ups and Cable, but basically in a parking lot), but I read about some hiking nearby so I checked it out. 

My first stop was to Sturgeon River Gorge Wilderness.  Of course the highlight was Sturgeon Falls, but just before I got to the falls I spooked a Bald Eagle (actually he spooked me!).  He flew about 15 feet in front of me.   Even though I‘ve seen quite a few Eagles in my travels, it’s still exciting to see one!  Quite often on hikes you see signs saying what can or can not be on the trail – bikes, atvs, horses…  But I had never seen this one --


Hang Gliders – While this is a gorge, I didn’t really see a place for hang gliding!!

Sturgeon Falls -


My next stop was to Canyon Falls.  This is a hike that is also a rest area at the trail head.  Which makes the hike a bit more crowded than I like.  But it is a beautiful place.  I first hiked this mid-day and that’s typically not a good time to take pictures.  The first picture below is from that day.  Then I went back about 7:00 am to get pictures before the sun was high.



While the blue sky is nice, I like being able to see the rocks and the falls!  To my surprise, the trail continued on.  Most people turned around at the waterfalls and I think missed some great scenic views.





Next stop Iron River, MI

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