Friday, August 19, 2011

Iron River, MI

In Iron River, I stayed at the Iron River RV park.  It is a city park and just beside the Apple Blossom Trail – a multi-use trail.  I walked 4 miles most mornings on the trail.  The picture below was taken from the trail, just a few feet from the campground.


I got a quick laugh over their “pet sign”.


There are more waterfalls in the area and some good hiking.  One day, I went to the Sylvania Wilderness which is in the Ottawa National Forest.  I was a bit concerned when told that the trail wasn’t marked that well.  It is a 8-mile hike around the lake, but I figured as long as I kept the lake on my left I would eventually make it around.  I did have a map and noticed that part of the trail left the lake for a while.  During that time I got a bit concerned that I had somehow gotten on the wrong trail (there were supposed to be a couple of intersections that I never saw).  But I managed it ok.  I did lose the trail a couple of times, but my theory of keeping the lake on my left worked.  I was hoping to see some Loons and as soon as I got out of the car, I heard them.  I was lucky that they were still fairly close to shore when I got to the lake.

On the trail, I saw some Indian Pipe and an interesting plant that covered the ground in some areas-


I spent a few minutes relaxing by the lake before finishing up the hike. 


Another interesting hike was Piers Gorge.  This gorge was formed by the Menominee River. 

Many of the trees seemed to stretch out at the bottom and hold onto the ground.  I’m sure it has to do with the type tree or soil or something, but I thought it was interesting.

I found the green fungus intriguing.

More Waterfalls---  Bond Falls is a beautiful waterfall with very little walking to get there.  I got there very early in the morning for hopefully some good shots.  It is so wide that I couldn’t get a decent picture in one shot and I have a fairly wide angle lens.

Bond Falls – right side (note the morning mist) -

Left side -

Below is the best shot I could get of the full falls.


They had built some stairs that took you up to the top, but the stairs were so close to the falls that the water had started running over the stairs.  A bit slippery, but made for an interesting view from the side of the falls. 


I also went to Agate falls, but the trail didn’t really get to a good view of the falls.  While at the Ranger station, I asked about it and a ranger told me that I would have to jump the fence to get a food view.  I thought it was funny that a ranger would suggest I jump the fence. 

On the same day as Bond and Agate Falls, I went to O Kun de Kun Falls.  But I didn’t make it to the falls.  The trail was extremely overgrown and I wasn’t in the mood to go very far down the trail.

If anyone goes to the Upper Peninsula, 2 great websites are - Hunts upguide and Great Lakes Waterfalls and beyond.

From here I head down to Menominee, MI.

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