Saturday, August 6, 2011

Copper Harbor, MI – Fort Wilkins State Park

My next stop was Fort Wilkins State Park in Copper Harbor, Mi.  The campground is on a small strip of land between Lake Superior and Lake Fanny Hooe.  I could see Lake Fanny Hooe from my site, even though I was one row from the lake. 

The above picture was taken from Brockway Mountain Scenic drive.  It shows the strip of land between the 2 lakes that I just mentioned. 

Several mornings, I used their 2-mile loop trail as my morning walk.  This way I walked beside both lakes and through the woods – a nice way to start the day.

One cloudy morning -


More pictures of Lake Superior from the campground -


While driving around the area one day, I happened to see a bald eagle on some rocks in the lake.

Then at a roadside park, I was surprised to see this -

Scuba divers. 

There is a bakery in one of the small towns called Jampot, it is run by the monks from the Catholic Monastery of the Byzantine rite.   I believe this is the Monastery, which is just down the road from the bakery.  

The State Park is an old fort.  As I’ve mentioned before I’m not really into history, but I was here so I visited.

This isn’t what I think of as a typical fort, but this was built to keep order in the Keweenaw Peninsula. 

I was looking at the fence and wondering if the sharpened fence post would really keep anyone out. 

I visited another mine, this time the Delaware mine.  As you can see in the picture below the level just below the one I toured is flooded.

The older buildings are not as well preserved as the one I visited the week before.

Another day I hiked a trail in Estivant Pines.  I really enjoyed the hike, but really never saw anything great.  The only picture I took was the one letting me know where I was -

While on the hike, I started thinking about hikes.  Sometimes I enjoy hiking to see one (or more) scenic areas like waterfalls or rock formations, but this was enjoyable just because it was a nice walk in the woods.

From here I headed back south (I’m as far north as I can go!).  I stayed at a casino in Baraga for a couple of days, just to run errands and then headed down to Iron River where I currently am.

I will blog about that later.

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