Sunday, November 1, 2015

Parkers Cove–Nova Scotia, CA

I decided to go on a whale watching trip in Digby, NS , so  I stayed at the Cove Oceanfront Campground in Parkers Cove August 31 – September 3.  This is a nice RV park, but it is quite a drive to most things I wanted to do.  I probably would not stay there again. 

I timed my tour so that I would have time to hike Balancing Rock trail beforehand.  It is a fairly easy hike except for a lot of steps!! But it leads to a beautiful basalt coast with, surprise, a balancing rock!


You have to take 2 ferries to get to Brier Island.

ca_parkers_cove_digby_neck_ferryAfter checking in at the tour office, I had about 1.5 hours to  spend before the boat trip.  I visited a lighthouse and an interesting beach.



I wasn’t really sure that I wanted to take another whale watching trip since I have had pretty good luck with whales this summer.  But I decided to go anyway.  I am so glad I did.  One of the workers on the trip said this was the best trip she had ever had and she had worked for the company several years. 

I have seen pictures of very lucky whale watching boats having a whale or 2 come very close to the boat but have not experienced that with a humpback until this trip. At one time we had 4 whales very close to our boat.  We saw more 30 whales and they were able to identify 17 of them.    We saw just about all activities of humpback whales.

Typical diving whale tale -ca_parkers_cove_digby_neck2

Breaching in a distance - ca_parkers_cove_digby_neck3

Tail slapping, the next 3 are shots taken in a series - ca_parkers_cove_digby_neck4



More tail slapping- ca_parkers_cove_digby_neck8

ca_parkers_cove_digby_neck9I forget what the 2 below are called.  They basically just hang out a while with their tail up in the air.  ca_parkers_cove_digby_neck13



Getting closer to the boat – ca_parkers_cove_digby_neck15

Spy hopping -- ca_parkers_cove_digby_neck16

We had been warned that if they got close they have horrible breath.  I had heard that before but never smelled it, until this trip.  When they got close to the boat and sprayed us it stunk!!The spray was also sticky and made the filter on my camera messy.   These guys got within several feet of our boat.  This was awesome.  I am ready to go on another whale watching trip just by looking at these pictures again. ca_parkers_cove_digby_neck18

The one below seems to be checking us out --ca_parkers_cove_digby_neck19



On the way back, we passed more beautiful basalt coast.

I had one more stop in Nova Scotia before heading to Prince Edward Island.

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