Thursday, November 26, 2015

Moncton, New Brunswick

This is my last blog about my trip this year in Canada.  What a great trip, I am already thinking about doing this again in several years.  I stopped in Moncton, NB Sept 14 - 18.  I used this as a base to visit Fundy National Park and the Hopewell Rocks. 

I hiked a few trails at Fundy National Park.  One of my favorites was Dickson Falls Trail.


After leaving the falls, the trail went right beside the creek.  It looked like with a big rain the trail would be under water.   The man in the picture above is on the trail!

The Hopewell Rocks area has one of the highest average tides in the world.  The tide can be up to almost 50 feet.  While I was there it was about 38 ft.  At low tide I walked among the rocks,  but at high tide they let you stay down at the ocean floor until there is just about no place to walk, then they made everyone leave .

Low tide -

P4320134 (1024x683)

P4320148 (1024x683)

P4320138 (1024x683)

IMG_1813 (1024x768)

P4320156 (1024x683)

P4320168 (1024x683)

P4320170 (1024x683)

Below is an emergency station.  If you are out there when the tide comes in and have no where to go, you can go up onto this platform.  I was told that is not used during the season as they make sure everyone leaves the area.  But during off season and at night it has been used several times.  P4320193 (1024x683)

P4320265 (1024x683)

P4320283 (1024x683)

The tide coming in -- P4320351 (1024x683)

P4320361 (1024x683)

P4320391 (1024x683)

P4320395 (1024x683)

P4320427 (1024x683)

I enjoyed seeing the difference at high and low tide, but I most enjoyed the rock “sculptures” that the water and tides have created.

While in Moncton, I debated going to see the tidal bore. I had heard that it could be boring, but someone else told me that it was interesting.  So I headed to the Tidal Bore Park in downtown Moncton.  Basically the river flows into the ocean, but because of the huge tides in this area, twice a day the river changes its flow direction.  When this happens there is a wave from a couple of inches to a bit more than a foot.  

There were probably 35 – 40 other people waiting to see this 1 foot wave!


P4320459 (1024x683)

P4320457 (1024x683)

Ok, it could be boring, but I started thinking about what was actually happening and it made it interesting.

While driving down a country road (I think leaving Fundy National Park), I noticed this shoe tree!ca_nb_moncton_shoetree


I stopped in St. Johns, NB just for an overnight before heading back to the U.S.  Crossing over to the U.S. was a bit more time consuming than when I crossed into Canada.  This time a U.S. customs agent asked a bunch of questions and he got in my RV and looked in the fridge and in several cabinets.   I forgot to mention my lettuce when he asked me about fresh produce and when he saw it in the fridge he gave me the “evil eye” and pointed it out!

From here I headed back the Bar Harbor area for a few days. 

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  1. Hi Pam, your Canadian travels this past summer have been very interesting. I've enjoyed reading about your trip. So nice to read something about the East Coast for a change. Someday I may reread them and steal your itinerary for myself! But not this year. Enjoy your further travels.