Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Prince Edward Island

I can’t believe I still have not finished all my blogs from my trip to Canada.  I spent Sept. 7 – 13 in New Glasgow, PEI at New Glasgow Highlands RV park. While I really liked the RV park, I didn’t really like PEI.  I was there after their “tourist season” and some things were closed, but I wasn’t really interested in them anyway.   The weather was not very good while I was there, but even with all that I don’t think I would return.

I had planned to do a good bit of biking in PEI National Park, but because of wind and rain I only went twice.  It wasn’t quite what I expected.  It was a nice trail, but most of it was just beside the park road.  The other side was the ocean.



There was some nice beach scenery -- ca_pei_pei_nat_parkca_pei_pei_nat_park2ca_pei_pei_nat_pk3

While there I went to Basin Head Provincial Park, where the sand is supposed to sing when you walk on it.  Actually it is a squeak.  I could not get it to do it while I was there. ca_pei_basin_head_provincial_pk While touring part of the island I visited the East Point Lighthouse.


On the way back from a day of touring, I stopped in Charlottetown, PEI at Dave’s Lobster for a lobster roll.  It was great!


I have one more blog and I will finally finish my blogs for my Canadian trip.

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  1. Really sorry to hear you were disappointed with PEI. We were there years ago and had such a wonderful time. We loved it enough that we considered moving there. That was before the bridge when you had to take a ferry which we also loved. Once they built the bridge we have always been worried about going back and being disappointed at how the influx of people would change things. Lobster looks good and beach looks beautiful.