Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Parrsboro, Nova Scotia

I stopped in Parrsboro, NS Sept 4 – Sept 6 and stayed at Glooscap Campground.  This is on the Minas Basin which is off the Bay of Fundy, so you may know that this area is known for it’s extreme tides.  It was interesting to watch the changes in the tides from my campsite.

The reason that I came here was for the rocks and fossils.  I headed to Cape Chignecto Provincial Park and did a short hike.ca_parrsboro_cape_chignecto_pp1ca_parrsboro_cape_chignecto_pp2ca_parrsboro_cape_chignecto_pp3

The rock formation above is called the Three Sisters.

I headed to Joggins Fossil Cliffs to find some fossils and while there I decided to do a ranger lead walk.  The one I did required you to wear a hard hat.  When I heard that I worried a bit about what I had gotten myself into!  While we did get close to the cliffs and occasionally small rocks would tumble down, I decided it was more so they would know who was supposed to be on the walk. 


More than 300 million years ago this area was home to huge trees, big bugs and the first known reptiles.  We saw fossils of the huge caterpillar like bugs tracks.  The bug as several feet long!  We also saw fossils of trees and tree roots.  Because of the tides were were not able to see the huge tree fossils that they are known for. 

I also went to Five Islands Provincial Park for a short walk.  The walk I did you only had a few hours to do it because of the tides.  While many people are there to go clamming (see the last picture), I wanted to walk to the red cliffs.   I ended up walking in a lot of red mud that was just an hour or so before was covered with water.  The mud ended up being much thicker than I expected with my feet getting stuck many times.  At one time I wondered if I was going to be able to get out!  I ended up taking my feet out of my shoes and then pulling my shoes out of the mud. I later realized I could have stayed close to the cliffs and not gotten as muddy.


Cape D’Or lighthouse -


From here I headed to Prince Edward Island.

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