Monday, October 26, 2015

Little Bras D’or (second visit) –Nova Scotia

Before getting to my blog on Little Bras D’or, I wanted to add a couple more things to my Newfoundland thoughts blog.  I will post it here and also add it to the other blog.

Sherry asked about RV size.  While my RV is 27 feet long, I saw many large class A’s in Newfoundland.  As long as you have a tow car I think any size would work.  As in the U.S the larger RV’s may not fit in provincial or national parks, but in the provincial park I stayed at (Lockston Path Provincial Park) there were larger class A’s and many of the spots would fit a larger RV.  If you do not have a tow car, there are some places you would not fit well especially the fishing villages that I enjoyed visiting. 

I also wanted to mention that propane is not as available as in the U.S.  I had heard about that before going to NL, so I planned ahead and found out that there was a place in Grand Falls/Windsor.  So on my second time passing through I got propane there.  

After getting off the Newfoundland ferry I drove maybe 10 minutes to the Arm of Gold Campground.  I was there August 20 – 22.  I had wanted to revisit Cape Breton Highlands National Park, so while staying in Little Bras D’or I took the drive over and enjoyed several hikes and a great scenic drive.

Part of the drive the road is cut into the mountains, just beside the coast.


My first hike was the Skyline Trail.  This trail started off on a dirt road and not too promising, but as this is the most popular of the park I knew it would get better.  One of the first things I saw was a warning sign --


I had never really worried about Coyotes before, but now I do think about it.  In 2009 a hiker was killed by a couple of coyotes on this trail.  The hiker was hiking by himself and since I do the same thing, it definitely made me think about things and worry about noises on the trails!

Scenery from the end of trail -


The last picture was taken of me resting after coming back up the steps.  What a great rest stop!

My second day here I visited several arts and craft shops.  While I am not much of a shopper there are a good many nice arts n crafts stores in the area.

From here, I head to the Peggy’s Cove area.

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